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Sebasi Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% Pure; unrefined coconuts oil extracted using the ancient traditional method called the “wet milling method”

Recent research has shown that our Coconut oil that is produced using a very simple method that has been used over thousands years by the ancient tropical people in extracting the oil without using mechanical and complex machines produces a high quality coconut oil.

Sebasi Virgin Coconut oil is extracted from carefully selected fresh matured coconuts by simple technology. The coconuts are grinded and pressed manually; the extracted coconut milk is then allowed to sit undisturbed for 20 hours. This allows the Coconut oil to naturally separate by floating while the water that is heavier than the oil sink to the bottom. The virgin Coconut oil is then heated slightly below boiling temperatures to finally remove the remaining moisture content from the oil which is then filtered.

All the stages are manual and require intensive of labor that finally produce 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil with a sweet taste and nice coconut scent. This method is totally different and far better than the mass production of coconut oil by mechanized machines.

Our clients are individuals from all walks of life who use our Virgin Coconut oil in replacement of palm oil and vegetable oils for cooking, hospitals, cosmetics industries, hair dressers, cosmetologists, nursing mothers for their babies, soap industries etc.

Testimonies from our customers shown that Sebasi Virgin Coconut Oil is of great quality,

nutritious, healthy and a must have for every household.

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