About Us

Sebasi Coconut Company is a registered company with its headquarters in the ancient Historic town of Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria. We are into total coconut business since 2007 with the aim of preserving the coconut heritage of Badagry, a town surrounded by millions of coconuts.

Sebasi Coconut Company believe that the abundance of Coconuts in Badagry and its environs needed to be better harnessed and utilized to further empower the owners of the coconuts plantations. We deal in total coconut business including Brown Matured coconuts, fresh jelly young coconuts, Virgin coconut oil, coconut cake, coconut shells, coconut planks etc.

Our employees are highly trained and give the best quality service that every customer deserves. We are into partnership with a world class delivery company that delivers our products across Nigeria within 48 hours and to other countries before 2 weeks.

Today, Sebasi Coconut Company is reckoned as the most sought after pure unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil manufacturer in Nigeria.